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Firwood Farm Alpacas

Super-warm Alpaca Socks

Super-warm Alpaca Socks

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  • NOTE:  These are a very THICK sock 

  • Naturally soft, luxurious, strong and warm alpaca sock

  • Alpaca vs. wool?  Alpaca is warmer! 

  • 50%+ Heavier construction than all competitors

  • Extreme warmth due to alpaca's hollow core fiber

  • Smooth hollow fiber = warmth and strength without itch

  • Alpaca is warm even when wet!

  • Soft cushion terry loop sock interior for cushioned comfort

  • Naturally breathable fiber wicks away sock moisture

  • Alpaca fiber naturally odor free

  • Machine washable and dryable sock (no shrinkage)

  • Strong durable sock construction for long lasting wear

  • Smart construction for support without constriction

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Customer Reviews

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mick eckart
Very nice surprise

These socks are terrific. I thought they might be too thick for my footwear,that is no the case.
Thank you for a great product.