Our Current Herd



Marcus - Re-homes 2020
Marcus' owners were moving and unable to take him with them.  They contacted us and we took him in - not knowing that Marcus is a very atypical alpaca and will let you pet him.  Marcus has become a favorite of our visitors!  
Lily (Rescue/Re-home) - 2019
I was contacted by a gentleman in Enumclaw who had a herd of alpacas and was trying to re-home some of his boys.  When we visited his farm, I was appalled at the conditions the alpacas were living in.  He had 16 alpacas and didn't scoop away any of their manure off the muddy pastures, their hay wasn't green, it was yellow and one of the females was shivering as well as others who didn't look healthy.  I spotted Lily right away because she is a Blue-Eyed White just like our Grandma White Out was.  (Blue-eyed white alpacas are like albinos.  They don't have dark pigment in their iris like most alpacas so you can see their rectangular pupils which give them great peripheral vision to watch out for predators.)
I took two of his gelded males (that have since been adopted) and Lily to help him "downsize" his herd.  I wish he would have let me take more due to the conditions they were living in.  Lily has found a herd with our girls.


Ella (2014 Re-home) - dob ??

Ella came to us with a male and their 1-year-old son who have been adopted.  The owner told me, "I bought these for my grandkids.  You can't do anything with them - they won't let you touch them."  Well, sir, you did buy alpacas!  

He also didn't notice the Ella had an issue with her rear leg - a luxating patella so we have to watch her and be especially careful when she gets sheared.  Happy to have you Ella - WE know that you're an alpaca!


2012 RESCUE Zoe - dob 12/9/2003
Zoe is a sweetheart and came to us with Coco in 2012.  Zoe and her baby as well as Coco and her mom were sold to new owners and those owners dogs got in and killed Zoe's baby and Coco's mom.  Zoe was pretty traumatized and VERY THIN when she came to us due to everything she had been through.  I would take her grain and hay on a "tray" to make sure she would eat.  I wasn't sure she'd make it but she pulled through and is such a sweetie.  NEIGHBORHOOD DOGS ARE ALPACAS' #1 ENEMY.  DON'T LET YOUR DOG(S) RUN LOOSE AS THEY GET A "PACK MENTALITY" AND WILL KILL OTHER DEFENSELESS ANIMALS.



Belle (SURI) - dob July 16, 2004
Belle is part of our original herd we purchased in 2006.  She has always had the sweetest temperament and has been the best mom to Bella and Bellagio.  We love her dearly.


Cookies 'n Creme (aka C.C. or Mr. C) - dob 12/31/2006
What can I say about CC who was the first baby born our farm just two months after we got alpacas.  Born on New Year's Eve, we should have known he'd be special.  Thanks to inheriting his mom's cool and calm personality, CC has been the favorite of family and friends since he's arrived and is still aka Mr. Personality.


Bella (Belle's baby - SURI) - dob 7/19/2007
Sweet baby Bella inherited her mom's calm temperament and has been a blessing to our herd.  We almost lost her at one time but thankfully our vets were able to save her and we're so thankful they did!



2015 RESCUE Magic (SURI) - dob 10/13/2007
Before & After



Hershey (White Out's baby) - dob 6/24/2008


Bellagio (Belle's baby - SURI) - dob 7/31/2008



RESCUE Outstanding Babe (SURI) - dob ??
Babe (and Bo) came to us through Cross Creek Alpaca Rescue and horrific conditions on a farm in Oregon.  The picture on the right is where they came from:  over 200 alpacas on three acres with nothing to eat except the bark on trees and whatever else they could find to stay alive.  By the time all the legal hoops were jumped through and the Rescue was able to take them off the property there were only 175 that were still alive.  




2012 RESCUE Coco - dob 6/27/011
Coco came to us with Zoe after being sold to another farm and having the new owners' dogs get in and kill her mother and Zoe's baby.  Coco was only about a year old when she came to us.  Thankfully she wasn't injured by the dogs and I think she helped Zoe to heal.  Coco is now the sentry for the herd of girls that she's with, always on alert!


Miranda (Re-home) - dob 6/30/2011
Little Miss Miranda came with her mom and aunt as well as cousin Bandit (below).  She has some of the best fiber of our herd and it is true black.  Her nickname is "Tiny but Mighty" because due to her petite size, she has to be a bit pushy with the other girls to get her share.  


Bandit (Re-home) 7/8/2012
Bandit came to us with his cousin Miranda (above).  Bandit was the cutest cria (baby alpaca) that I'd ever seen.  A naming contest gave him the perfect name as he looks like he has a mask on and I say he's a bandit because he'll steal your heart.  He's also my chicken chaser as he and only one other alpaca like to mess with the chickens when they're in the pasture.  



2016 Thurston County Rescues - Lady, Mirador and Elle came to us through a seizure by the Thurston County Sheriff's Office.  They were on a rented pasture with 33 alpacas as well as 5 carcasses on the property.  We took in 10 of the 33 and seven were adopted.  
We didn't know Elle was pregnant so little Sonny was born five months later.  He's now been adopted.
Miradora and Elle have also been adopted but Lady is still here.  



CASSIE (Guard Llama) - dob