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Our Herd

Currently we have 15 male alpacas, 12 female alpacas, two guard llamas (Jethro with the boys and Cassie with the girls).  Of these 27 alpacas only 7 are from our original herd and the rest are re-homes or rescues.  




Pagador (aka Papa) - dob 5/15/1999

2012 RESCUE Scirocco (aka Rocco) - dob 3/23/2001

2015 RESCUE Chloe - dob 6/3/2003

(image coming soon)

2014 RESCUE Ella (and the girls) - dob ??

2012 RESCUE Zoe - dob 12/9/2003
Zoe is a sweetheart and came to us with Coco in 2012.  Zoe and her baby as well as Coco and her mom were sold to new owners and those owners dogs got in and killed Zoe's baby and Coco's mom.  Zoe was pretty traumatized and VERY THIN when she came to us due to everything she had been through.  I would take her grain and hay on a "tray" to make sure she would eat.  I wasn't sure she'd make it but she pulled through and is such a sweetie.  NEIGHBORHOOD DOGS ARE ALPACAS' #1 ENEMY.  DON'T LET YOUR DOG(S) RUN LOOSE AS THEY GET A "PACK MENTALITY" AND WILL KILL OTHER DEFENSELESS ANIMALS.


Belle (SURI) - dob July 16, 2004

***ADOPTED***  2015 RESCUE Marshmallow Sox - dob 10/15/2006
Before & After


Cookies 'n Creme (aka C.C. or Mr. C is White Out's baby) - dob 12/31/2006

Bella (Belle's baby - SURI) - dob 7/19/2007


2015 RESCUE Magic (SURI) - dob 10/13/2007
Before & After


Tronador (aka Mr. T) - dob 4/24/2008


Hershey (White Out's baby) - dob 6/24/2008

Bellagio (Belle's baby - SURI) - dob 7/31/2008


Sugar Cookie (aka Cookie Monster) - dob 9/18/2009

RESCUE Outstanding Babe (SURI) - dob ??
Babe (and Bo) came to us through Cross Creek Alpaca Rescue and horrific conditions on a farm in Oregon.  The picture on the right is where they came from:  over 200 alpacas on three acres with nothing to eat except the bark on trees and whatever else they could find to stay alive.  By the time all the legal hoops were jumped through and the Rescue was able to take them off the property there were only 175 that were still alive.  


RESCUE Bello aka Bo - dob ??
Bo came to us with Babe from the same Oregon rescue. The picture on the right is Shari with Cross Creek Alpaca Rescue herding some of the 175 rescued alpacas where they were taken at Oregon State University.  There was a snowstorm just before they picked them up to move them.  Have I mentioned that Cross Creek Alpaca Rescue does work beyond compare to save helpless alpacas?  
Bo had not been sheared and this is how he looked when he came here.  He has settled into our herd and is definitely one of the alpha males.


2012 RESCUE Coco - dob 6/27/011
Coco came to us with Zoe after being sold to another farm and having the new owners' dogs get in and kill her mother and Zoe's baby.  Coco was only about a year old when she came to us.  Thankfully she wasn't injured by the dogs and I think she helped Zoe to heal.  Coco is now the sentry for the herd of girls that she's with, always on alert!

RESCUE Miranda - dob 6/30/2011

RESCUE Bandit 7/8/2012

2016 Thurston County Rescues - Lady, Mirador and Elle came to us through a seizure by the Thurston County Sheriff's Office.  They were on a rented pasture with 33 alpacas as well as 5 carcasses on the property.  We took in 10 of the 33 and seven were adopted.  
We didn't know Elle was pregnant with little Sonny so we got a "two-fer" deal.  

2016 RESCUE Eatonville Boys - These two boys had been "on the lam" for over two months until a good hearted neighbor found Cross Creek Alpaca Rescue who called us to go get them.  They had been running around a forested neighborhood, one with a rope around his neck.  They were only about two years old.  They have beautiful fiber and we are thankful they found a home with us as we will use their fiber for yarn.  Their nicknames are Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid!


RESCUE 2016 Oliver was here as a baby (right) after a local rescue of 33 alpacas (see Miradora, Elle & Lady above).  He was an orphan but thankfully old enough to survive on his own or nurse from other moms.  We think his Mom was one of five carcasses on the property when the alpacas were seized due to neglect.


RESCUE 2017 Luca (bay black) and Polo (white) came from an overcrowded alpaca farm and were brought here to be companions for little Sonny while we weaned him from his mom.  They are about a year old.  Luca is already spoken for and will be going to live in Maple Valley soon.


RESCUE (IN UTERO) 2016 Tequila's Sonrise aka SONNY dob 8/23/2016
Sonny was a surprise baby from a rescue we helped with earlier in 2016.  We didn't know his mom was expecting so it was a very pleasant surprise.  He's the cutest little guy and his fiber fringed ears are the best!  He is now weaned from mom and hanging out with Luca and Polo.


 RESCUE 2006 Jethro (Guard Llama) - dob ???

CASSIE (Guard Llama) - dob 



In this picture of the boys we have (from left) Sox, C.C., Bandit, Rocco, Mr. T, Pagador, Hershey, Jethro (llama), Bellagio, and Bo.  Missing is Magic who was probably in the barn by the girls where he loves to hang out.  


White Out (aka Grandma)  9/26/1997 - 9/7/2017