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Alpaca Rescue

Firwood Farm Alpacas is one of very few "rescue farms."  We open our hearts, and our barns, to alpacas in need of rescue and relocation.

**We do not adopt our alpacas out of the local NW Washington area! 
I need to know where they are and be able to check on them to make sure they are taken care of.  

Yes, there are alpacas out there needing to be rescued from dire circumstances and some just needing to be re-homed. Unfortunately a lot is due to owner irresponsibility and others are due to circumstances beyond the owner's control such as illness, divorce, moving, etc. 

Two of four babies from a 2016 sheriff's seizure due to animal cruelty.

Since we started our herd in 2006, we have rescued, adopted or re-homed over 100 alpacas. We are proud to work closely with the non-profit Cross Creek Alpaca Rescue in Tenino, WA.  One of few alpaca rescues in the country, they do a tremendous job taking in some of the worst cases of alpaca neglect.  We support them in any way we can whether that be financially, helping with a rescue or by fostering alpacas for them until we can find them forever homes. (   

We are also an approved foster for Pierce County Animal Control in case of alpaca seizures due to animal cruelty.  

2014 rescues Snickerdoodle, Pacadoodle
and Yankee Doodle

We have taken in alpacas from owners who had over 200 alpacas on a mere three acres, alpacas that were seized by local law enforcement due to owner neglect and cruelty, alpacas whose owners just "didn't want them anymore" and alpacas that were posted on Craigslist for "free" (who knows where these may have ended up).  We have had many “foster fails” over the years in that the alpacas fostered here never leave and become part of our permanent herd.

This is Miranda - one of our "foster fails"
as she's part of our permanent herd.

Our goal with alpaca rescue is to take in alpacas needing a place that will provide them with good food, pasture and love them until they get healthy enough to be placed in a loving and forever home that will provide the care they need.  

Part of a group of 33 seized by law enforcement in early 2016. 

As you can imagine, this is not a lucrative task.  For that reason we have a store at our farm and an online store where proceeds go back into the care and feeding of our herd and allow us to care for those who need re-homing or rescuing.  If you are able to support our efforts, we thank you for your kind heart in assisting us as we provide a loving environment for these helpless animals.  THANK YOU!

Baby born August 2016 from a rescued female.

In 2019, we were contacted about four alpacas who roamed free on 20 acres and had not been shorn for at least eight years.  You can see their "before" and "after" pictures below.  They are available for adoption as a group!