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Alpaca Fiber

The value of alpaca fleece is the economic basis of the future market for alpacas. An alpaca breeder with a small herd on small acreage can expect to harvest his animals' fiber and sell their offspring profitably.

Most alpaca ranchers readily sell their fleece for $2 to $6 an ounce to local artisans. Each animal on average will produce five to eight pounds of fleece a year.

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Lilac lace cake


If you’re looking for a rug that is easy care, durable and long lasting, these alpaca rugs are just the ticket.  Made from the coarser alpaca fiber, they are naturally stain resistant, easy care and measure 2′ by 3′.  Designed and hand-woven by an Austrian weaver, the designs and natural colors are beautiful.
***Contact us for colors/patterns!***

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