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Alpaca Fiber

The value of alpaca fleece is the economic basis of the future market for alpacas. An alpaca breeder with a small herd on small acreage can expect to harvest his animals' fiber and sell their offspring profitably.

Most alpaca ranchers readily sell their fleece for $2 to $6 an ounce to local artisans. Each animal on average will produce five to eight pounds of fleece a year.

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Lilac lace cake

Woven 100% Alpaca scarves

These 100% woven scarves are both sophisticated and practical for style and warmth. The brushed fabric is super soft soft to the touch. Available in all our natural colors and an array of dyed colors. Measures 71″x9″ (approx. not including fringe).

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Woodinville Whiskey Maple Syrup

After they empty their bourbon and rye whiskey barrels they refill them with 8.5 oz of pure, grade-A, dark amber maple syrup that is harvested from the eastern United States. They put them away to age gracefully where they absorb all the delicious flavors from the barrel: vanilla, caramel, wood spice, and best of all a hint of whiskey!

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Our impressive 100% alpaca woven shawl is the perfect mix of practicality and fashion. This wrap is the perfect size and you will be drawn to the hand-crocheted, fringed edging along the triangle-shaped body; exclusively decorated with hand-crocheted rosettes. This super-soft shawl is available in an array of natural alpaca colors along with dyed hues.

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As fine as or finer than cashmere, each saddle blanket is a natural, one of a kind creation and beautifully hand woven. Our blankets are single layer blankets similar to a Navajo but are much, much thicker. Every blanket is woven from from OUR ALPACAS’ FIBER in their natural colors and is hand-woven from roving vs machined from yarn thus affording extreme durability.  Contact us for COLOR SELECTION!

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Don't let these handsome blankets fool you. Our blankets are very popular with the ranching industry because of the great cushion and protection for the horse's back, in addition to their durability. Unlike sheep, alpacas are lanolin free which means their fiber does not collect odors or smells. Because alpaca fibers are slick (sheep fibers have scales or microscopic barbs) the blankets do not collect horse hair nearly as fast as sheep wool blankets. Equally as important, alpaca wool is so much lighter in weight than sheep wool, alpaca blankets dry much faster than heavy, wet sheep blankets. These characteristics help to ensure your blanket is dry and ready for your next ride. The more you use your blanket, the sooner it will conform to your horse. You will notice it becoming even softer and "felting" a bit as it molds to your horse's unique shape. It will naturally maintain its compression, thermal and moisture wicking properties.

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Men's Gift Box

Unique gift box set for the man in your life!  Warm and cozy alpaca socks and a generous 8.5 oz bottle of Maple Syrup from the Woodinville Whiskey Company in Woodinville, WA.

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Firwood Drawstring Project Bag

These adorable handmade project bags are made with 100% Kona cotton and have pictures of some of the alpacas residing at Firwood Farm Alpacas.  Made by a customer who donates them to us, the proceeds go toward the care and feeding of rescued alpacas at Firwood Farm.  The bag measures approxiately 9″x10″.  These are a VERY unique item and we are so thankful to offer them for sale.  Thank you for your support!!

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Made from 100% alpaca superfine yarn, this warm hat stays in place to keep out the wind. It comes in browns and camel or black and silver, both with a geometric-wave print. It is topped off with a 2″ tassel pompom.

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Our unisex alpaca socks are 50% alpaca and 50% acrylic.  They easily compliment a dress suit or a pair of jeans. They are super soft yet durable for years of wear.  Available in three sizes and many natural color shades to choose from.  Purchase a pair and add a little extra to your step today!

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If you have cold hands in the winter, our alpaca gloves will keep you toasty warm even in the coldest weather.

Made with a beautiful cable design, they also make the perfect gift!

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100% Alpaca Superfine Throws

Firwood Farm has added a colorful line of 100% Alpaca Superfine throws.  These wonderfully soft throws measure 66″ x 53″ (aprox), this does not include 3″ fringe.  Contact us for color choices!

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Contact us for available colors/patterns!!!

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