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Alpaca Fiber

The value of alpaca fleece is the economic basis of the future market for alpacas. An alpaca breeder with a small herd on small acreage can expect to harvest his animals' fiber and sell their offspring profitably.

Most alpaca ranchers readily sell their fleece for $2 to $6 an ounce to local artisans. Each animal on average will produce five to eight pounds of fleece a year.

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Firwood Farm Alpacas is located about 30 miles south of Seattle in the heart of the beautiful Puyallup Valley.  Firwood Farm is owned by Greg and Leanna Stidham and named after a neighborhood many “old timers” refer to as Firwood.

We have found our alpaca business to be very rewarding and the alpaca community extremely helpful to anyone interested in raising alpacas.  We continue to be amazed at how many people do not know what an alpaca is and we are eager to share ourknowledge and experiences with everyone we meet.

At this time, we are a small farm situated on four acres of fertile valley soil which offers excellent forage for our alpacas.  We work closely with others in the alpaca community, have tested our water, and researched the best combination of “chow” (grain) and hay that we feed to our alpacas. We strive to provide a safe and healthy environment for all alpacas on our farm.

We also believe you must provide a quality environment for your animals if you want to produce the quality fiber and quality offspring.  There are many factors that contribute to this environment and following are just a few:

  • Nutrition: To quote Dr. Norman Evans, noted alpaca veterinarian, “Anyone can feed but nutrition requires some effort.”  Our alpacas have access to fertile pasture, orchard grass hay, and chow (grain) as well as natural well water that has been tested to confirm its quality.  Healthy and well-cared for animals are our number one goal.
  • Shelter: Alpacas require shelter from the wind and rain as well as a place to offer hay and supplements that are kept dry.  All the alpacas at our farm are offered a dry and comfortable shelter.
  • Veterinary Services: We have retained Drs. Scott and Jackie Waltner in Mt. Vernon, WA to provide our primary veterinary services.  Dr. Jackie, as she is known in the alpaca community, specializes in alpaca care and Dr. Scott is highly knowledgeable regarding alpacas and nutrition.  We are fortunate to have such high-quality care available to us.

RESCUE ALPACAS-  Unfortunately there are alpacas out there needing to be rescued from dire circumstances – some due to owner irresponsibility but others due to circumstances beyond their control such as illness, divorce, moving, etc.  Since we started our herd in 2006, we have rescued, adopted or re-homed over two dozen alpacas.  We are proud to work closely with Cross Creek Alpaca Rescue in Tenino, WA and support them in any way we can whether that be financially or fostering alpacas.  We have had many “foster fails” in that the alpacas who were here just to be fostered never left and have become part of our permanent herd.  WE APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT AS A PORTION OF THE PROCEEDS FROM OUR FARM STORE SALES GOES DIRECTLY TOWARD THE CARE AND FEEDING OF OUR RESCUE ALPACAS – THANK YOU!

Our farm and Alpaca Farm Store are open to the public so see our “Contact Us” page and stop by!
The alpacas LOVE visitors!!!

-Greg & Leanna Stidham,
Co-owners, Firwood Farm Alpacas

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